Tuesday, 21 October 2008


As professional Boat painters we are often asked to provide details of what the whole process involves, and naturally people have a few questions as well.
Hopefully this blog will provide a few answers for potential customers, and also be useful to anyone considering doing a paint job themselves.

The featured boat is painted in our colours dated from the 1960's, when we had our own carrying boats.

Hence the rather confusing Company Name, now mostly abbreviated to CTS.

You can find out more about our history on our website at www.canaltransportservices.co.uk.

Incidentally this boat is not owned or operated by CTS. The owner has amibitions to carry freight by water, and we are more than happy to assist with the loan of our colours.

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Jim Davies said...

Matt, I've found this very interesting. What would have been more interesting still would have been to have Starcross feautured on it and updated as the job progressed. You might want to consider offering this facility to future customers!

Martin Jennens said...

Matt, it is very nice to see the stages of your work. It is reassuring to see that there isn't too much filler under that glossy finish! I am very pleased with the finish and on my travels there have been many occasions where people have stopped to photograph the work you and your team have produced.
Many Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've been through all the photographs and concluded that you must have saved time and only painted the port side!

weedslipper said...

Thank you for your comments Jim and Martin. Sladen, you got me there, think there are pics of the other side on the website.

Mark said...

Very enthralled and absolutely gobsmacked what goes on in building a traditional narrow boat. Thanks to Matt for making me feel very welcome when i popped my head around the door, being a nosey so and so. lol. Got to admire you guys your work is tremendous, hopefully i will get chance to pop along another time (please). Thanks again MATT and the gang, your number 1 workers and craftsmen in my eyes.

boat said...

Matt, Jill and I would like to record our thanks for the very high degree of professionalism that you and your Team at CTS have displayed. The paint job on "Yeoman" is more than excellent. It is always really good to find a boat yard on the "Cut" that still does "A proper job"; yours is very firmly one of these yards. Regards Mark Tittley.